February 1, 2022

NFC Business Card - DIY

I have recently been working with NFC tags and exploring various use case scenarios. This one came as a personal need for me. Since I have a longer name, narrating it to someone for add into contact is so annoying. I started looking for ways to share my contact directly with NFC. Of course, I could put my phone number on a website, but it's not safe. So, after trying various ways, I found the easiest way to get things done. I'm not too fond of some other ways, like Dropbox, Google Drive, or mega, because they open the contact file (.vcf file) inside the web browser, and we cannot directly add it to contacts. It defeats the entire purpose of convenience.

So, in my opinion, is by using a free website service –

It's free, and there are possible downsides to it which I'll discuss towards the end of this video.

For now, let's see how it works.

To start with,

Step 1: Get some NFC cards. I have these little ones.

Step 2: Then, you need to go ahead and install an application on your iPhone – NFC tools. This would help us write the data to our card.

Step 3: Go to the and fill in the details. Grab the link and write it to the NFC card.

That's it. Now you can try and read it back.

Now, this has two significant downsides, which are pretty much unavoidable.
  1. You would need an internet connection to work because iOS cannot read contacts written directly to the card.
  2. This is something pretty important and maybe concerning for many. As we know is a free service, so what's the catch? It requires money to run such a website. Right? How are they covering up the expense?

So, in my opinion, they are selling our data – name, and contact to third parties. That's how they make money, in my opinion. Since creating a vcard link, I have received spam calls on my sim card and hundreds of messages in the telegram app. Since messaging apps are cheaper than calls, you are likely to be spammed in those apps. It's sad.  I don't think they disclosed this information when we made a profile there. Anyways, I am still looking for better and safer ways. So hang around. I'll get back soon with something.

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