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August 5, 2022

Secret Techniques To Improve Part-time Job Hunting In Canda

Here, we will discuss finding part-time jobs as a student in Winnipeg, Canada. Unlike Toronto and Vancouver, Winnipeg is much smaller. So, job opportunities are much lesser here. That doesn't mean that one won't be able to get a job. It means that the strategies have to be different. Whatever I say has been my experience in Winnipeg; things may vary. But, before we begin, let us address the most critical question I have come across.

Do References play a role?

I find it pretty weird that some organizations here rely on references for minimum wage jobs. Of five places I have worked, only one asked for a reference. If you are new, you don't need to do everything genuinely. You can get around this by using a few friends. I am not going to say more on this. Intelligent people will understand what I mean. However, I'll touch on that at the end.

We will look at the strategies people use to get a job here. I have arranged them in terms of lowest to highest success rate. We determine the success rate by calculating the ratio of interview calls received by the total number of applications.

Apply on Indeed

If you'll look up stats, each vacancy receives 100s of applications. It diminishes your chances of getting in. Moreover, organizations have to list jobs on these portals for namesake. They might be hiring internally or through references. But as a rule, if you apply at 100 jobs, you'll get at least 1-3 interview calls on average. So, indeed may not be the best place to start with. I have worked for two organizations from indeed. I got the job offers within a month after I started applying.  

Drop your resumes at the locations you intend to work

If you don't want to travel much and save much time, consider working somewhere nearby where you live. This would help you save a ton of time, if not transportation costs. But, they might not be hiring when you dropped your resume, so your chances could be low. They might pick up your resume and call you if there are some vacancies or throw away your resume—no harm in trying your luck. I have not tried this a lot, so I can't say what the chances of success are. But, working close has some advantages so try.

Look on Indeed and go in personally.

So, this is something that has worked quite a lot for me. It ensures that the organization you are applying for is hiring at the time of application. Additionally, you have been to the place of work or at the office, and you have met the hiring manager. So, they will undoubtedly prefer someone they have met and liked. I got two jobs this way. I have been to just 2-3 stores max. So I can say that your chances of success will be over 25%. Look, from just 2-3%, we are at 25%+

Ask your friends to refer you.

It may vary quite a lot. Some employers as for references while you are applying. Or your friend might refer you to the hiring manager, and you will get a call shortly. Anyhow, if you are getting referred directly to the manager, you will get a job. I had a 100% success rate with this. But, this strategy comes into play only when you know someone working there who is willing to refer you. A few social skills and interactions must get the ball rolling.

To sum biggest dos will be - 

1) Be patient

2) Don't stick to a single strategy.

3) Don't use your real managers or employers as references; they might not have time to pick up the calls or do things for you after you have left the job. Just ask your friend or someone experienced to behave like one and get done with it. 

4) Keep resumes short. A single-page resume is more than enough if it summarizes everything an employer is looking for. They receive hundreds of resumes. No one goes through all of them. They usually have hundreds to look at. 

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